Exterior painting services include full exteriors, decks, fences, & small/partial jobs.

Five step process to making your home aesthetically pleasing

*If you need help choosing color schemes or a finish- a color consultant will be available to you free of charge


  • Powerwashing is done to wash the pores of the wood for the paint to bite into
  • All areas to be painted are given a thorough clean to remove dirt and mildew
  • House is given time to dry
  • Patios and decks are cleaned upon request


  • All loose paint is removed by hand scraping or power sanding (depending on job)
  • Minor cracks around frames are caulked
  • Minor holes including woodpecker holes can be filled with putty upon request
  • Boards that are loose and popping out can be banged back in
  • If rotted wood is found on the home, we will bring it to your attention and can replace it upon request for additional charge


  • We purchase quality products from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore at a discounted price. Options to premium products are available as well.
  • All non-painted surfaces to be covered with plastic or drop clothes to prevent against drips and splatters
  • Full finish coat is applied to proper coverage in desired finish that is designated on the contract


  • Each day all ladders and tools will be put away in a designated spot on the property that you are comfortable with us leaving them on
  • At job completion we will shop vacuum the perimeter of the property to clean up any debris or paint chips we have caused
  • All trash is removed off the property and we take care of the disposal


  • Once the job is complete, we will do a final walkthrough to make sure you are satisfied with the work and do touch-ups where necessary
  • Once client is completely satisfied with the job the contract is signed off and a survey is completed to rate our services